About Paleo diet and how to apply it in our modern life

The Paleo diet can be termed as a diet that was previously followed by the early men anywhere between 10,000 to about 2,500,000 years ago. It can be said that food that we consume today has evolved over a period of time, right from what the Paleolithic people used to have and has changed the manner, in which changes have been taking place in every field.

The modern day Paleo diet

It might not be exactly possible for us to determine as to what the Paleolithic man ate those days, we can presume on what a paleo recipe could be. Put simply, in regards to the paleo diet, we will not eat those things that were not consumed by the Paleolithic man. But, we would eat what they might have eaten. But, what does this mean, especially when real food is served on the dinner plate. The Paleo diet comprises of lots of vegetables, some eggs, fish, meat, seeds, nuts and fruits. It also means no legumes, grains, sugars, potatoes, dairy products, sweeteners, additives, and preservatives, emulsified, or manufactured and processed foodstuffs.

A better way to judge if something is perfect for the paleo diet would be to ask if it can be consumed raw. A general principle would be if it cannot be eaten raw, then it should not be consumed at all. It is said that most foods charted on the paleo diet could be consumed raw, if the person wishes to. Seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, fish and meat can also be eaten raw.

Paleo diet: A practical way

Realistically, the paleo diet comprises of lots of fresh vegetables, fish, eggs, good quality meat, seeds, fruits and nuts. There are different views put up by people as to how strictly one needs to observe an appropriate paleo diet. However, it would be more of a personal choice and convenience. There are some of us, who would be quite satisfied to create paleo versions from modern food like cakes and pizza and by creating items like cauliflower pizza base and potato brownies. Such Paleo recipes are likely to use the modern available equipments like food blenders, processors, oven, etc. But some people state that the Paleo diet needs to be chewed, instead of being processed.

Hence, a better advice would be to try out the Paleo diet for yourself and to find what exactly works for you. Paleo diet, should being with avoiding consuming sugars, legumes, potatoes, grains, etc. and other things that requires processing before it is being consumed. Another important question is whether to stop or consume the variety of dairy products that are available in the market.

Benefits of following Paleo diet

The key towards paleo diet is being natural throughout. But, this does not mean, you need to sacrifice on taste and spices can be used. Moreover, there are various wonderful paleo recipe books available that does teach you to come up with tasty and healthy paleo dishes. This way, you can diminish risk of disease, be strong and avoid all types of illness and other health related issues that are associated with modern food.

Paleo diet: Effective tips

With plenty of information available on the net in regards to what is healthy and what is not, it would be better to select a healthy lifestyle, which includes both manageable and modern choices in accommodating any kind of lifestyle. As a matter of fact, the Paleo Diet does allow you to enjoy the meals, eat healthy and to assist you to achieve good health and wellness.

What does it include?

It does not have dairy, grains, processed food or sugar, since, they do not provide the required nutritional value and other support disease causing body inflammation. This diet supports consuming a rich mix of organic vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, meat, oils, fats, etc. These are required for the body to run and to help in becoming a building block for every muscle, cell, organ and tissue.

Tips to help in getting started with the Paleo Diet to have a healthy and wonderful lifestyle

• Pre-cook the food. Avoid eating outside.

• Have paleo-friendly shake or meal replacement bar on your desk, if there is a change in the plan. Being properly prepared would help in taking appropriate decisions.

• Try out new vegetables. Health experts recommend consuming plenty of different colored vegetables that are organic, since they are nutritious and provide health benefits. For instance, Kale is my favorite food and quite versatile. It can be used in recipes for salads, smoothies and the likes.

• Avoid keeping junk food at home like cookies and chips.

• Spices can be used to make your meal interesting and to have greater flavors and variety.
Planning healthy Paleo-friendly snack

• Hard boiled eggs

• Apple along with almond butter

• ‘Glucamole’ salad

• Cinnamon Nuts

• Kale chips

• Fresh Vegetable juice or smoothie

A proper choice of paleo-friendly food is likely to help the person to be in good shape and healthy condition.

Paleo diet: Effective weight loss and vibrant health plan

The Paleo plan can be your new regime or discipline to assist you to have a better and healthy lifestyle. In the initial stage, it could sound inhibiting and serious, however, the fact is that it is full of fun, rather a new way to eat, diet, shop and cook. With a simple eating plan, you can not only lose weight, but also enjoy a vibrant health.

Basic diet plan to be followed

Permitted food:

• All varieties of fruits, especially plenty of berries. (Full of anti-oxidants)
• Protein from fat and lean off lamb, beef, poultry (no skin), pork, eggs, shell fish, game meats and fish.
• Vegetables of all types that is organic and easily available in the market.
• Seeds and nuts
• Oils and fats like olive oil, nut oil, avocado oil, some part of animal fat derived from the consumed meat. Some argue that ghee is acceptable, while others state that being dairy, it is not permitted.

Excluded food:

• All dairy, like yoghurt, milk, butter, cheese, etc. containing dairy.
• All grain products like pastry, breads, crackers, pasta, etc. containing grains.
As a matter of fact, there is indeed a wonderful range of foods to be selected for experimenting and ahs the possibility to create meals which are healthy, wholesome and also flavorsome.

Is Paleo diet safe?

Most people have been asking if the Paleo Diet is good and safe for them to consume. The answer as replied by health experts is a big ‘yes’. This type of diet is considered to be a wonderful way of eating that is based completely on a diet that was followed by the Paleolithic Man, caveman or the hunter gatherer.

Some misconceptions

There is a huge misconception among some people that Paleo diet is of low carb. This diet shares several similarities with the Atkins Diet. Paleo, like Atikins, suggests high protein and fat intake and includes much less carbohydrates, which we generally are used to eating.

Unlike Atkins diet, the Paleo diet doesn’t restrict intake of carbohydrate and this extreme restriction could prove to be dangerous. If the person restricts the intake of carbohydrate deliberately to be in ketosis, which is the main aim of Atkins diet and the weight loss process, then you should be careful. If this method is attempted, then you need to perform it under the supervision of a qualified medical professional. He would help in negating the unpleasant side effects that otherwise would develop.

Therefore, instead of being deliberately low on the carbohydrates, Paleo Diet would help in removing potatoes, sugars, grains, which are considered to the main carbohydrate sources found in the average people’s diets. However, there are many who by following the Paleo Diet, tend to find themselves searching for ways and means to intake carbohydrates and not to restrict the intake. Hence, is this diet completely safe in regards to low carbohydrate intake? Health experts state that the diet is safe, as it is based on balancing of nutritionally rich food.
High fat diets

Another objection in regards to medical grounds on Paleo Diet is its encouraging in eating plenty of fats and protein. The concern here is the enhancement of cholesterol, while eating fat would cause the person to gain weight. But, the fact is that it is carbohydrates that causes weight and not fats. Grains and refined sugar and wheat in particular, increase weight and hence should be avoided.

Is Paleo Diet safe?

There are many of us, who enjoy consuming modified starches, hydrogenated oils, hexane extracts, refined sugar, etc. which should actually find no place on the human plates. Americans in general are considered to be less healthy and more overweight than before. Back in the 50’s, people here were regarded skinny and not fat, which was regarded to be a concern in those days. Hence, instead of asking if the Paleo diet is safe, you could perhaps wonder, how safe the current diet is!

This diet is based on a natural balance. It is quite different than what have been taught to us for years, however, are much balanced and not a diet containing of extremes. Another way to find if it is safe for the health is to use this diet plan for a few days. You can feel the difference and see that weight drop off naturally and an increase in vitality and energy.